Powerful Prescriptions and Finely-Tuned Care

By: Jennifer Gallegos

I’m honored to share our skincare story. One would think that it would be all about products, peels, and potions, and, don’t get me wrong, I’ll get to that, but our program is about so much more. io’s roots are grounded in yoga - that mind, body, and spirit cannot be separated and that true wellness requires that each component be addressed.

And, as it is with our approach to skincare. Sure, there are skin types and conditions, and there are even formulas that can address them. These formulas, or prescriptions, can be extremely effective, yet it’s not quite that simple. One client’s acne may look just like another’s, but what causes got them there are often very different. To offer truly efficacious skincare, we need to look past the surface. Dig a little deeper. Explore the client’s lifestyle, diet, allergies, emotional state, etc.  From there, we can come up with a complete strategy for addressing skin issues and obtaining goals for looking and feeling great.

One of io’s missions is to offer clients care that is talented and heartfelt. We have a team of true skincare experts and this team is our secret weapon. Every single one of them pours their heart and soul into their treatments. I am not only confident in the work they provide, but am inspired by them and learn from them endlessly. They, too, understand that beauty is not only skin deep; that we are working with the entire person, creating a personal, transformative experience. We help let go of the old and reveal the new.  Chinese medicine believes that the face holds a map of the body. It’s no wonder one can feel as great leaving a facial as from a full body massage.

So what could make this any better? Why the products, peels, and potions, of course. They are the legit, get-down-to-business, not-messing-around kind of goods. Hand-picked, expert-tested, and client-approved. We are just as passionate about ingredients, formulas, and sourcing as we are of taking care of our clients. We know our clients want results, and we are serious about delivering. We offer heavy-duty resurfacing, skin healing and balancing treatments, toning and lifting massage, and more, yet our clients don’t even have to choose. Every treatment is customized, driven by the expertise of our estheticians, striving to meet the individual needs of our clients. 

Our strategy is simple. Honest, holistic, hard-core skincare to make you feel your best.


Jennifer Gallegos is the Director of Esthetics and Retail at io. She is a passionate, adoptive mom of two, ages 9 and 5, and lives in Marin. She has been devoted to esthetics for 20 years and has worked at International Orange for 19 years.