For The Body

Your io professional will customize each treatment to address your specific and changing needs. Please note that we have specialized massage treatments and therapists for pre-natal, post-natal and clients undergoing cancer treatments. Upon booking, please advise us of any medical conditions that may impact your massage treatment session.

io Signature Massage

Melt away stress, increase circulation and relieve general muscular tension with this integrative massage session. Using light to medium pressure and Swedish massage techniques such as gliding strokes, kneading, tapping and rolling, your practitioner will release tension from the entire body, applying extra focus to a few tight, knotted, or sore areas for immediate relief. Depending on the therapist, other techniques such as stretching, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and Lomi Lomi may be integrated into the session. The perfect massage for head-to-toe relaxation.
60 minutes for $175
90 minutes for $260

io Therapeutic Massage

For those who prefer a stronger touch, this integrative massage uses firm to very firm pressure and slower movements to reach the deeper layers of muscle. Various techniques may be used, including deep tissue, Shiatsu, stretching, joint mobilization, breath work, and deeper pressure massage strokes. Depending on the goal of each client and the areas needing attention, this massage may not address the entire body in 60 minutes. To ensure a full body experience, please book a 90 minute session. The perfect massage for relieving chronic tension and dense muscle pain.
60 minutes for $185
90 minutes for $275

io Pre + Post Natal Massage

This nurturing and relaxing massage helps to relieve common aches and pains that accompany changes in the body during and after pregnancy. io therapists are specially trained in maternity massage and offer a side-lying massage experience (prone positioning available upon request for 1st trimester only).   
55 minutes for $185
85 minutes for $275

Oncology Massage

Our Oncology Massage is a customized massage designed to meet a client wherever they are in their cancer treatment or journey. Our certified massage therapists have received specialized training allowing them to properly assess, develop and provide a nurturing and supportive massage.
60 minutes for $185
90 minutes for $275


In Fiore Body Balm

Add your favorite essential oil blend in a hydrating base of grape-seed oil for $25.

Therapeutic Boost

An organic mix of herbs, essential oils, and arnica will be thoroughly worked into your muscles and joints for maximum relief. Add to any io massage for $25.

Healing Hot Stones

Radiant heat soothes achiness and tension. Increased blood flow
oxygenates and brings nutrients to targeted areas. Add this grounding earth element for $30.

Balancing Head and Foot Treatment

And just when you thought it was over, 30 additional minutes are devoted to the head and feet. Experience pressure point stimulation for mind-body balance and tension-relieving massage to boost blood and oxygen flow. Hot towels and Boditonic Baby all-over oil sweeten the relaxation. 30 minutes for $90.00