Treat Yourself To Wellness

We hydrate, we eat well, we run, walk, swim, do yoga, exercise machines, weights, moisturize, exfoliate… the list can be exhaustive of all the things we do to take care of our bodies and skin … but how about regular treatments? By and large, we consider massages and facials to be a “treat” (it’s in the name “treatments” for goodness sake) but it’s time to consider them as crucial to our wellness.

Medically, massage therapy is described as manipulating the soft tissue of the body. It’s that soft tissue that connects, supports and surrounds all the structures and organs of the body – tendons, ligaments, skin, membranes, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Independently, each variety of soft tissue serves a purpose related to the body part it’s connected to… but together it’s the soft tissues that is quite literally holding us together.

Massage is more than a treat.

Throughout human history, massage is one of the earliest tools that people used to relieve anxiety, pain and discomfort. And medical professionals today know that keeping your soft tissue supple is one of the keys to your whole body and mental wellness.

From measurable decreases in heart rate and blood pressure to reduced anxiety, mood swings and even long-term impact on reducing depression, massage makes an impact. And our favorite neurotransmitter, serotonin, gets the accolades. Regular massage has shown to increase serotonin levels in the body, dramatically affecting our mood, appetite, sleep, and even memory.

Seasons change… and so do the needs of your skin.

If you’re in the microclimates of San Francisco Bay Area (like us), then seasons can seem like they are changing a few times each day. From parching dry heat to a blanket of fog, a scorching 104 inland to a windy 63 at the coast, our area is well-known for dramatic differences in temperature all in the same day.

With the constant changes in conditions, our skin is our first defense and often takes a beating. Whether it’s exposure to the sun, low-humidity, high-humidity, wind, heat, or cold, we know how difficult it is to stay on top of these shifts. Most people wait until they are trying to solve a skin problem before scheduling a facial, but regular facials can prevent problems before they even start. And as our skin responds to the changes in the air around us, estheticians can address the constantly shifting needs of our skin. More moisture? Check. Clear blockages? Check. Get that décolleté glowing? Check. Tighten and tone? Check and check.

Treat[ment] yourself each month

Why? Because it feels good. It really does. It activates your sympathetic nervous system that has benefits throughout your entire body.