Gua Sha: An 1800 Year Old Technique Give Life to New Skin

The Shan Han Lun, a Chinese medical text dated 220 CE, referred to Gua Sha as a flat jade pebble that could be used to scrape the face or body to encourage the body to heal itself. 1800 years later, International Orange has introduced the Gua Sha technique based on those ancient principles to our menu of skilled facial add-ons.

Using specially-shaped stones, the io estheticians bring this facial to life for our clients in a beautiful way. But what really is Gua Sha, and what do we know about the benefits to your face, neck and décolleté… and even your health?

Gua Sha is a method of using stones in a highly trained and practiced way to bring deep levels of circulation and movement to the skin, resulting in suppleness and definition. While it’s referred to as “scraping,” it’s in fact more of a firm and gentle slow pulling and carving of the skin using shaped stones with the aid of hydration and oils. It promotes blood circulation, lymph drainage and it manipulates the subdermal fascia (the connective tissue under the skin) to bring a deep glow and clarity to the skin.

Some of the key benefits include:


Increased blood circulation throughout the face, neck and décolleté means increased stimulation and oxygen delivery. The added circulation delivered nourishment to the skin cells and aids in waste removal and restoration, improving skin tone and bringing vibrancy to your skin.

Move and drain.

Gua Sha also assists in the movement and drainage of lymph in the body. Lymph is the colorless liquid that is made up of plasma and stores white blood cells. Stimulating the lymph system beneath the surface during this treatment helps prevent stagnation and helps your skin be it’s glowing best. 

Get deep.

It addresses fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and more by manipulating the subdermal fascia. Skin tension is released at a deeper level with the stones. Combine that release with stimulated oxygen and lymph release and we have an enormous healing impact on lines, hyperpigmentation, micro-wounds, and scarring.

Consider taking your facial to the next level and discuss adding Gua Sha to your next treatment with your esthetician.