A Bridge To Your Better Side

Offering a thoughtful selection of products, therapeutic services and a destination spa, International Orange is a wellness and lifestyle brand that supports the journey of personal transformation.

Simplicity   ·   Beauty   ·   Transformation

Simplicity   ·   Beauty   ·   Transformation

The Spa at io

Our integrative approach to skin and bodywork supports total body restoration. Expert-led facials and therapeutic massages are enhanced with the following:

  • rejuvenating sauna and steam room
  • quiet lounge to relax and recharge
  • blissful bay view deck

The Shop at io

In addition to a vast selection of evidence-based, botanical and clean-clinical skincare, the Shop at io offers artisanal jewelry and lifestyle wares chosen for their craftsmanship and efficacy.  Visit us at Marin Country Mart.


io Online Shop

Experience a spa day everyday. Our online product offering includes a thoughtful selection of evidence-based, botanical and clean-clinical skincare and luxurious body care that allows you to continue your skincare routine in between spa visits.


20 Years of Transformation

In 2002, three young Northern California women put their stake in the ground on Fillmore Street in San Francisco at International Orange (io), a day spa named, meaningfully, for the paint color of the Golden Gate Bridge. Their vision was simple yet beautiful: create a bridge to your better side. 20 years later, now solely owned by Melissa Ferst, the horizon line has moved but the vision remains the same.