On Heritage, Healing and Home

Over the past year and a half, our idea of ‘home’ has taken on a new meaning. The hurried, hectic pace of modern life came to a halt as we found ourselves holed up in lockdown. There we were, forced to reacquaint ourselves with our most intimate environs and the notion that things would soon return to normal was a short-lived assurance. Many of our familiar routines, favorite spots and frequent activities were gone for good. Places we thought of as our ‘second home’ were now places we’d never visit again.

International Orange on Fillmore Street was a home away from home for many. For nearly 20 years, the urban sanctuary was a destination for transformation, elevating the day spa experience to something akin to a retreat, conveniently nestled snugly above the hustle and bustle of the street below. In this minimalistic, almost monastic space, yogis practiced, estheticians delivered glowing results and bodyworkers left guests feeling restored. But over two decades, International Orange’s flagship spa became known for so much more than its services. It was a familiar routine, a favorite spot, a frequent activity for so many. And it felt like home.

As many of you know, we said goodbye to our home on Fillmore Street in 2020, when it became clear that it was a necessary part of our evolution. We realized that as the world around us was changing for good, we needed to change for the better. We recognized that in order to grow, we had to downsize. And we acknowledged that in order to support the journey of personal transformation in others, we had to transform ourselves.

Since closing our flagship location, we have started to experience how this ‘new normal’ feels, and what we know for sure is that healing is necessary. Physical healing, sure. But also emotional, energetic and community healing. Now more than ever, respite, ritual and regular renewal are required for us to emerge stronger and more resilient than before. And the entire team at International Orange is committed to making this a simple, beautiful and transformative experience.

Honoring our heritage while meeting the moment we are in, we are honing in on our new home at Marin Country Mart. You’ll experience the same bright, minimalistic aesthetic and thoughtful curation of skin care, body care, artisan wares and daily wellness essentials that IO is known for. Skin experts and skilled bodyworkers will meet you where you’re at, customizing each treatment and helping you feel better in your body and mind. These are the familiar things you can count on.  

But, in this new home, you’ll also notice a bit more space to stretch out and relax in our lounge. You’ll appreciate the expansive vistas of the bay and Mount Tam from our outdoor patio. And you’ll enjoy easy access to shops, restaurants and open air seating around the Mart. Though it’s just over the bridge from our first home in San Francisco, it feels like an escape. And as we’ve welcomed many clients from the city to io Marin, we are reminded that home is more than a place. It’s about the people we share it with. 

Inspired by the idea of transformation, you’ll notice a few other changes, like the adaptation of our logo, color palette and our beautifully redesigned website. And soon, we’ll share an effortless way to bring the serenity of our spa into your own home, so that restoration and transformation can happen on the daily.

While some things have changed forever, there’s so much that remains the same - or better - than before. At IO, we’ve made it our mission to be the bridge between then and now.  We are the bridge to your better side.