Elevate The Everyday

Imagine having access to a spa-experience every single day. A personal wellness ritual that’s ever present, nourishing your skin and senses with beautiful botanicals. A small act of self care that can transform your mood, not just your skin.

Creating space and time for regular renewal in between spa visits is imperative to our overall health and wellbeing. With this in mind, we knew it was the perfect time to revamp, re-introduce and add to our io Essentials line. The five simple products in this line represent a head-to-toe range of organic and wild-crafted products designed to elevate your daily routine and inspire you to create your own wellness sanctuary at home.

We believe that naturally beautiful experiences are deeply therapeutic. Each of the holistic offerings in our io Essentials line features our sensuous signature scent, formulated in Northern California with nutrient rich extracts and replenishing oils. And each supports total body restoration and personal transformation, reminding us to be present, patient and at peace with ourselves and life.

Body WashThis is a purifying ritual for your body and your senses, one that gives you time to focus on the day ahead and prepare for it with calm and clarity. Heady bergamot peel detoxifies your skin while fragrant geranium leaf and lavender flower soothe and balance. Nourishing vitamin rich aloe vera calms and deeply hydrates skin. This daily ritual grounds your body, allowing you to rest in the seat of mindfulness.

Body Lotion. The subtle fragrance of jasmine flower and tuberose adds a touch of the exotic to this nourishing, restoring hand and body lotion. Applied after a warm shower on slightly damp skin, the sunflower seed oil helps lock in that vital moisture while aloe vera and spirulina and calendula extracts soothe and hydrate. Bergamot peel balances the skin and uplifts the senses, preparing us for each day, each experience.

Deodorant Spray. As we go through our day, our bodies react to the environment, to stress, to movement. This neutralizing body deodorant helps fight off odor effectively and naturally. Lavender flower targets bacteria and refreshes the skin, and rosemary and sage oils deliver antioxidant and anti-microbial properties that work to protect, revitalize and refresh the skin, making it an integral part of self-care and wellness.

Hair Wash & Hair Conditioner. Designed to complement each other, this duo works to repair, restore, hydrate and protect hair that faces environmental stressors as well as self-inflicted ones. The Hair Wash features bergamot peel to purify and invigorate; geranium flower to support hydration and help balance oils; oat protein to protect, repair and smooth; and vetiver root to infuse a grounding aroma. Follow this beautiful cleanse with Hair Conditioner to hydrate, protect and lightly scent with essential oils. Coconut oil enriches and softens; bergamot peel invigorates and uplifts; jasmine flower and tuberose petal leave an exotic scent. Massage into wet hair after cleansing, then rinse. For an intensive hydrating mask, leave in up to five minutes. You may also add a small amount to your hair when it’s dry as a light but intoxicating perfume.

As the world swirls around us, create your own wellness sanctuary with io Essentials. In between spa visits, take the time to ground, refresh, rejuvenate, restore and center yourself at home with our natural and wildcrafted ingredients and the intoxicating, healing scents. This is your time for regular renewal of mind, body and spirit.

At our sanctuary or yours, let us be your bridge to your better side.