Winter Wellness

With many cold, dark weeks still to go, do you need help beating the winter blues?

Winter can zap our energy on all fronts: mind, body, and spirit. Lack of sunlight can make us feel blue, and the temptation to turn up the heating and hibernate can leave us feeling isolated and sluggish.

Skin isn’t a fan of temperature extremes either: cold, wind, and heating can leave your skin dry, itchy, and winter-worn. At best, it will look flat; at worst, it can trigger eczema and dermatitis.

We understand that self-care can seem like a chore when you feel lethargic – it’s easier to just snuggle up in front of the TV and indulge in starchy winter carbs. Nothing wrong with a bit of snuggling, but too much can leave you feeling bloated both mentally and physically.

So we have designed a deeply therapeutic wellness ritual to help you beat the winter doldrums. Maybe it’s time to think of winter differently. After all, the natural world slows down during the quieter, calmer winter months to recharge its batteries before reemerging in the spring. We, too, need to create our own space to regenerate mind, body, and soul.


Winter Wellness Tips: Get some light

Rain and snowstorms aside, bundle up and take a 5 - 10 minute walk in the daylight.

Do you know the secret to a good night’s sleep? A daylight walk! If you can’t face the gym, try an early morning walk, preferably within two hours of waking. Let nature lift your spirits and boost your energy levels. Your circadian rhythms will reward you with a good night's sleep.


Winter Wellness Tip: Keep in touch

Reach out to a loved one- it will brighten their day and your own.

Socializing can seem such an effort on a cold, dark evening, but winter can be a lonely time for many, especially those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - an extreme form of the winter blues: low energy, problems sleeping, weight gain and loss of concentration. Simply hearing a loved one's voice can immediately boost your mind and spirit. 


Winter Wellness Tip: Pamper your skin with io Essentials

Taking care of your skin is the ultimate self-care.

It’s tempting to neglect body care over the winter and hide under thick woolly tights. But when you peel off those layers in spring, your dull skin won’t be happy with you – it deserves better, and so do you.

We know slathering on lotions and potions can seem like a chore, but this simple act of self-care relaxes your body and can lift you out of your winter stupor.

So let us bring our luxury spa to your home. Formulated in Northern California, our botanical-based body care is packed with nutrient-rich extracts and replenishing oils to repair your winter-worn complexion.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath – our signature scent will awaken your senses dulled by winter hibernation.


Winter Wellness Prescription:

Our purifying ritual doesn’t just awaken your senses; it gives you a moment of calm to mentally prepare for the day ahead. 

io Essentials Body Wash

Multiple layers of clothing can lead to blocked pores, so we added bergamot peel and spirulina extract to detoxify your skin.

Body care tip:

If you have time, body brush for five minutes before you get in the shower to encourage lymphatic drainage and eliminate winter toxins.


io Essentials Deodorant

Winter is a great time to try out a natural anti-microbial deodorant which is much kinder to dry, fragile skin.

Body care tip:

Wrap yourself in a warm towel after showering or bathing, and gently pat yourself dry – no rubbing! Treat your skin like an expensive cashmere sweater.


io Essentials Face & Body Mist

In need of extra hydration but don’t want to block your pores? Like winter clothing, it’s all about layering.

Skincare tip:

Like life in general, timing is key. When your skin is slightly damp, give a quick spritz, then apply body lotion or moisturizer on top to lock in hydration. If the skin is too wet, the products will just slide off!


io Essentials Hand & Body Lotion

Remember, dry skin is weak skin, so we have added white tea extract to strengthen your skin barrier. Is Jasmine the most seductive, feminine scent ever? Your skin will worship you.

Skincare tip:

You have a 3-minute window of opportunity to get your body lotion on before moisture starts evaporating from your skin – quick!