Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

We know you have the basic steps covered - cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen. Now it’s time to upgrade to an advanced skincare routine to boost protection, repair, and regeneration. Here are your must-have recommendations from io.  Your skin may just be ready. 

Prevention is better than a cure, so let’s protect your skin from the elements during the day and repair the damage at night. Our antioxidant-rich serums defend your skin from free radical damage caused by pollution and UV rays that cause premature aging – think of them as an investment in your future skin. These antioxidant serums also:
  • Reinforce your sunscreen
  • Brighten uneven skin tone for a luminous glow
  • Prevent and helps fade pigmentation
  • Build collagen which improves the appearance of fine lines and loss of firmness.

iS Clinical ProHeal Advanced Serum + - This botanically derived serum is perfect for sensitive skin. Rich in Olive Leaf Extract and pure vitamins A, E, and 15% time-release C, this antibacterial, anti-inflammatory serum heals and calms rosacea, cystic acne and stressed skin. 

Arcona Youth Serum - This antioxidant-rich treatment combines 20% Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) and bioflavonoids from red wine to defend the skin from the elements. Arcona guarantees results-driven natural skincare without fillers, chemical stabilizers, artificial colors, emulsifiers, petrochemicals, animal by-products, or drying alcohols. 

Luzern Absolute V15 - Like a multivitamin for your body, this product is a multivitamin for your skin. It contains a 15% pure Vitamin C complex that works synergistically with eleven skin-essential minerals to brighten skin tone for a healthy glow.

Skincare tip- Indoor pollution is just as damaging as outdoor pollution. Layer your serum even when home all day.

The day is done, so let’s get rid of dead skin cells blocking product penetration and robbing your glow. Chemical exfoliation resurfaces skin texture while you sleep, brightening uneven skin tone, fading pigmentation, minimizing pores, and smoothing fine lines.

iS Clinical Active Peel System - Deep exfoliation shouldn’t dry out the skin barrier. This advanced yet gentle, at-home botanical face peel resurfaces and brightens the skin using a combination of powerful fruit acids followed by calming antioxidants and peptides.

Arcona Gentle Solution - This gentle but highly effective exfoliating serum uses Lactic and Glycolic Acids to refine pores and repair sun damage for smooth, clear skin. Enriched with Amino Acids, Algae, and skin-plumping humectants to buffer post-exfoliation dryness while you sleep.

Skincare tip -Tingling is good; stinging isn’t. Go slow and build up skin tolerance gradually.

Multi-functional Vitamin A has anti-aging and skin clearing benefits - perfect for those wanting to address spots and fine lines.
  • Speeds up cell turnover for smoother, brighter skin
  • Stimulates collagen to smooth and firm the skin
  • Protects against free radical damage with antioxidants
  • Refines skin texture: softens pores, fine lines, and pigmentation

Lilac + Flint Vitality 1 Serum - This esthetician-created hydrating serum contains Retinyl Proprionate, a gentle, stable Vitamin A derivative with the same anti-aging and anti-acne benefits as Retinol, minus the side effects. Results may take a little longer – but your skin is in no rush!

Arcona Advanced Serum A - This powerful overnight serum combines Retinaldehyde, the strongest and most effective form of Vitamin A without a prescription, and AHA Lactic Acid. It is buffered with a synergistic blend of collagen-building peptides for improved skin tone and clarity. 

Skincare tip- Vitamin A can leave your skin sun-sensitive – don’t forget your sunscreen.

Your skin barrier deserves a night off. Collagen-building peptides and growth factors, the more laid-back cousins of Vitamin A, will help your skin recover.

  • Rebuild skin density to lift and firm
  • Protect collagen from glycation and premature aging
  • Improve cell-to-cell communication
  • Improve radiance

Luzern Firming Collagen Booster - Inspired by European spa traditions, this luxurious, organic blend of peptides, orange stem cells, Niacinamide, and vegan collagen strengthens collagen fibers for a long-term sculpted lift. Marine Algae creates a ‘second skin’ that instantly firms and smooths fine lines. 

Lilac + Flint Drench - All skin types can benefit from this versatile, hydrating gel, rich in skin-plumping humectants and skin conditioning oils. Lilac stem cells calm skin and balance oil production, while Spin Trap transforms free radicals into oxygen for a healthy glow. 

Skincare tip- When taking your skin to the next level with an advanced skincare routine, it’s important not to overdo it. Let’s cycle your actives rather than layering them to prevent irritation. Here’s a typical nighttime rotation:

Night 1: Chemical exfoliation
Night 2: Vitamin A
Night 3: Recovery: peptides/growth factors/hydration
Repeat Sequence

Although our general guidelines can be followed by many, each skin is unique and could benefit from critical consideration. Treat yourself to a facial at io and receive recommendations for an advanced skincare routine based on your skin's needs and tolerance.