360-Degree Holistic Support at io

Herbal supplements can support both our health and our skin. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need herbal supplements. We would all get eight hours of deep sleep, our gut would be super balanced, and our stress levels would be under control. But life isn’t like that; sometimes, we need holistic support. 

Our bodies weren’t designed to live on hyperdrive, so let’s supercharge our wellness routine before something gives. The healing herbs of Lunar Logic offered in our retail store have provided a mind-body boost for millennia, so we trust them: they can improve how we look, feel, and the quality of our skin. After all, skincare can only do so much if you’re stressed to the max and not sleeping – our internal health is reflected in our skin for all the world to see.

Tea rituals are invaluable to your wellness routine: they force you to slow down, take five, and live in the moment while soothing and healing your delicate digestion. None of the teas and elixirs by Lunar Logic use fillers, binders or flow agents and are handmade in their apothecary kitchen. They are all rich in certified organic herbs and wild plants, which have stood the test of time and have been harvested in the local deserts of Southern Utah. 

Read more about our specially curated selection of Lunar Logic Herbal Supplements and Teas to help support your total body wellness, addressing stress, gut health, sleep, and the immune system. Stop by our io Shop and find which herbal supplement is right for you.


When stressed, our bodies become compromised. Tension tightens our muscles and slows circulation until our starved skin settles into frown lines; a clenched jaw drags the lower face down, aging us prematurely. We can’t prevent stress, but let’s manage it.

Chill/Reishi + Rose Mushroom Elixir - This super-concentrated elixir is rich in anti-viral boosting qualities to keep your immune system strong and resilient. Just pop it under your tongue or add it to coffee, tea, water, soups, sauces or smoothies.

Star Ingredient: Red Reishi
No wonder this medicinal and well-researched fungus is known as the mushroom of immortality: it protects our bodies from inflammation, calms anxiety, and balances hormones before they disrupt our skin. 



We must trust our gut – it holds the key to our health, mood, and skin. Have you ever felt butterflies in your tummy when nervous?That’s the gut, skin, and brain connection in action. When our gut is healthy, our skin is happy. 

Gut Feeling: Happy Belly Elixir - This synergistic blend of flowers and roots: lemongrass, ginger, and licorice, feeds your microflora and calms your delicate digestion. Add this golden nectar to fizzy water, cocktails, mocktails, lattes, smoothies and teas.

Star Ingredient: Ginger Root
Revered in Asian medicine for thousands of years, this anti-inflammatory spice is rich in skin protective, digestive and aphrodisiac qualities and envelopes you in calmness. The gentle heat speeds up circulation and warms the whole body, stimulating lymph flow to flush waste from joints and tissues before they dull your skin. 

Constellations Within: Gut Restoration Brew - This restorative tea is rich in medicinal herbs, roots and flowers to feed the good bugs in your microflora. Relax and enjoy the minty yet earthy floral notes with a hint of sweetness.



A good night’s sleep puts everything in perspective. It turns off that negative inner voice and lets us live in the present instead of dwelling on past mistakes or worrying about the future. 

AD Adstra/Drift Away Drops - All your tense body needs is 15-30 drops of this restorative nerve tonic half an hour before bed, and you will drift off into a deep sleep. 

Star Ingredient: Valerian Root
Full of love, feminine Valerian reassures and lulls you into deeper REM sleep and sweet dreams. Since ancient times, it has been used as a sleep aid; it melts muscle tension away and can ease PMS symptoms. 



When our immune system is under fire, sensitive skin can overreact. If you have sensitive skin, prioritize boosting your immune system for a calm complexion.

Bone Deep Muscle & Joint Support - Inspired by immune-boosting Ayurveda’s golden milk, this anti-inflammatory elixir is rich in adaptogens, super herbs, and medicinal mushrooms to support digestion, strengthen the immune and relieve deep aches and pains. 

Star ingredient : Tumeric
Associated with wisdom and magic, this sacred yellow spice is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal medicine with many skin benefits. Rich in antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, it relieves digestive discomfort and reduces toxin buildup before it dulls your skin.