Liv + Grace

Liv + Grace Rescue Hydrate Facial Serum

Rescue Hydrate is a rich, reparative, and soothing facial oil serum. Its ingredients work synergistically and naturally to help support collagen, maintain the delicate acid mantle, and moisturize dry or fragile skin. Its active botanical ingredients provide essential fatty acids, an abundance of free radical scavenger antioxidants, whole plant nutrient-dense vitamins, and intense plumping hydration without leaving an oily feel.

Rescue Hydrate Facial Oil Serum also doubles as a product BOOSTER to increase hydration and nutrients in serums, toners + moisturizers. Excellent for around the eyes, lips, and ultra-sensitive, dehydrated, and dry reactive skin.

Rescue Hydrate deliberately has NO essential oils and is entirely natural to help minimize irritation and allergic reactions.

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