To our loyal customers, I want to thank each of you for your support of International Orange. As you might imagine, our industry has been one of the worst hit by the pandemic. Although we have re-opened in Marin and brought back our employees, we recognize that it might be a while before our business returns to pre-pandemic levels of success. The forced six-month closure combined with unsuccessful negotiations with our San Francisco landlord, led us to the painful decision to close the San Francisco location and file Chapter 11. We have filed under the new "small business" provisions of Chapter 11 and expect to complete the process within about 60 days.

If you have supported our business by purchasing a gift certificate, you should know that we are taking steps to ensure that Chapter 11 does not have a significant impact on you. We have successfully obtained an allowance authorizing holders to redeem outstanding gift certificates - which can be used for services at our remaining Marin location. Some of you will receive notices about the Chapter 11 case in the next few weeks, but we do not expect the outcome for holders of gift certificates to significantly change.

While I have found these decisions personally very difficult and painful, they were not real choices: they were forced on us by the pandemic. These decisions will leave International Orange stronger, and in a position to restore its business and continue to support its loyal customers.

Gift Certificate FAQ

How and where can I use my gift certificate?

Under the terms of Chapter 11, gift certificate holders can use their gift certificates at our Marin location for spa services only. Gift certificates cannot be used towards service gratuities. Gift Certificates purchased before 10/11/2020 will be good for 3 years, after which they will expire.

Can I get a refund for my gift certificate if I do not want to use it at the IO Marin location?
Gift certificates are non-refundable and always have been. This policy has not changed.

Can I use my gift certificate to purchase retail goods?
Under the terms of Chapter 11, at this time, we can not allow gift certificates to be used on the purchase of goods. They can only be used towards spa services.

Can I use my VIP spa special or discounted gift certificate?
Yes. Clients can use a spa special or discounted gift certificate at our Marin location. Promotional restrictions will apply - they must be used on the days stipulated (ie Monday-Friday) AND they must be used for the specific spa service indicated in the promotion.

What if my gift certificate is for a service not currently offered due to COVID-19?
All VIP spa special gift certificates and packages can be used towards any service, not including gratuity, at the price originally paid.