Summertime Body Care

Alicia Moody, io Educator, shares her favorite summertime tips for the body.


It has been said that spring is a time of "shedding" winter skin. If so, then summer is the time of showing more skin. With more intense UV exposure and more daylight hours, extra emphasis must be placed on protective and preventative measures. SPF reapplication is key, as well as UV protective clothing, hats and sunglasses, and even visors for car windows. Make sure to keep a little backup SPF in car consoles and handbags for those essential midday touch-ups that we sometimes forget about! 
For sunscreen reapplication on the go, try:
Arcona Nearly Invisible SPF 30
Suntegrity Mineral Spray SPF 50


Body exfoliation is a good idea year-round. While we love a good body scrub, we also appreciate a well-made and effective mitt. The VELVETTE Exfoliating Mitt For Body, made of 100% natural and biodegradable viscose, has been a best seller for us and can be employed with your choice of body cleanser a couple of times per week. Our clients love io Essentials Body Wash.
Nah - give me a good body scrub. Try: 
Botnia Luminous Body Scrub


"Slugging" at night has become more mainstream in recent years. It involves layering products and sealing in hydration with a final layer of something occlusive--think a rich balm or even Aquaphor. This prevents what's known as "TEWL" (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). Slugging seems to always focus on the face. But why not other parts as well--like our feet? Slugging on the feet will look a bit different, though. After applying a rich cream and balm or occlusive, slide on your coziest, plushest socks to really lock everything in. For an added feet treat--"slough before you slug." Open-toe and open-back shoes lead the way for rough, scaly soles and heels. So make sure you give these rough parts a little buffing when doing your body exfoliation for the softest baby feet by morning. 
Go-to body (and foot) moisturizers:
io Essentials Hand & Body Lotion
Botnia Body Cream


For chafing woes, I swear by powders! Start with anything talc-free. Popular substitutes for talc are typically corn starch and tapioca starch which are less problematic than talc and often used as the base of many consciously made baby products. Powders keep a smooth moisture-absorbing barrier between areas of skin prone to friction (thigh rub, anyone?)

 We’ve still got nine weeks of summer. Enjoy every bit of it feeling protected, smooth and hydrated.