8 Reasons to Commit to Regular Facials

Seasons change… and if you’re in San Francisco Bay Area (like us), then seasons can seem like they are changing a few times each day. From parching dry heat to a blanket of fog, a scorching 104 inland to a windy 63 at the coast, our area is well-known for dramatic differences in temperature all in the same day.

With the constant changes in conditions, our skin is our first defense and often takes a beating. Whether it’s exposure to the sun, low humidity, high humidity, wind, heat, or cold, we know how difficult it is to stay on top of these shifts.

Monthly Facial Regimen to the Rescue

Most people wait until they are trying to solve a skin problem before scheduling a facial, but regular facials can prevent issues before they even start. And as our skin responds to the changes in the air around us, estheticians can address the constantly shifting needs of our skin. More moisture? Check. Clear blockages? Check. Get that décolleté glowing? Check. Tighten and tone? Check and check. And, that's not all.

Why Commit to Regular Facials?

1. Circulation. Facial treatments boost the blood circulation to your face, and that means more oxygen and nutrients. Great circulation plumps up your face with hydration, vitamins, and minerals, setting the stage for skin cell renewal.

2. Rejuvenation. That increased circulation also promotes collagen production in your skin, responsible for the skin’s elasticity. Your skin is more youthful with regular treatments. 

3. Tighten + Tone. Facial massage (do we hear Slap Tap and Roll, anyone?) by an expert esthetician can significantly impact the face’s appearance.

4. Detox. Your face and neck are front and center, taking everything the environment and body send its way. Facial treatments work to rid your skin of the waste that accumulates regularly. Antioxidant-rich treatments, botanical oils, and resurfacing are key to your facial health.

5. Exfoliation. Healthy skin constantly turns over dead skin cells and sheds them to the top layer. Exfoliation during the facial encourages this turnover, encouraging the growth of new, healthy cells. New cells mean a natural glow (and it even helps diminish the appearance of scars!).

6. Boost Absorption. You’re taking care of your skin and buying the best products, but what good are they if they aren’t effectively absorbed? Regular facials mean your skin is smooth and ready to soak up your at-home routines.

7. Expert Advice. Your esthetician has a unique view of your skin – and the expertise to know the best treatments. They take the time to understand your skin type, issues you wish to address, and how to respond to the environment and internal changes. They know how to make your skin glow, and even more, they have the expert advice for you to take home to keep that facial feeling at home between treatments.

8. It Feels Good. It does. It activates your sympathetic nervous system through massage, which has benefits throughout your entire body.

This spring, io is focused on engaging you in regular wellness. So, maybe it’s time you consider making facials part of your monthly routine.

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