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Special (Mon-Fri) - 90 Minute IO Signature Massage with Healing Hot Stones for $210

Monday - Friday

The 90 minute IO Signature Massage taken to a new level of restoration. Healing hot stones bring radiant heat that soothes achiness and tension. Increased blood flow draws out toxins, oxygenates and brings nutrients to targeted areas. This healing art form helps cleanse negativity and emanate healing power.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: OFFER AVAILABLE FOR PRE-PURCHASE ONLINE ONLY OCTOBER 31, 2019. Available for use at IO Spa in San Francisco and Marin locations on spa services performed Monday - Friday only; nonrefundable; not valid for gratuities nor physical goods, cannot be combined with other offers; valid in-spa only (not online). May not be used in spa on the same day of purchase. Additional services may be added at time of booking service for additional cost. Offer is valid for value of the offer at the time of purchase. Prices of services and products are subject to change and additional costs may apply if there is an increase in price after time of issue.


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