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Massage: 90 Minutes Oncology ($240)

Our Oncology Massage is for our clients undergoing cancer treatment. It is a highly-customized massage designed to meet a client wherever they are in their treatment or journey. Our certified massage therapists have received specialized training allowing them to properly assess, develop and provide a nurturing and supportive massage for each client. We recommend 90 minutes for your first massage session. A special intake form (download below) must be completed before the first massage service.

For more detailed information about this treatment, the training and the practitioners, please click here.

The 90 minute appointment for clients new to the Oncology Massage is highly recommended. 

Available for use at IO Spa in Marin; non-refundable; cannot be used to purchase goods or services online. THIS TREATMENT IS THE RECOMMENDED FIRST TREATMENT FOR ONCOLOGY MASSAGE CLIENTS. There is a required intake form that clients are required to complete prior to their appointment so we can customize the experience and maximize the massage time. Click here for that intake form. May not be used in spa on the same day of purchase. Orders placed will be processed the following business day. Please allow additional processing time during holidays. All IO Gift Certificates for services are worth the dollar amount of the specified service at the time of purchase. In the event of a price increase, Gift Certificates for services may not cover the full value of the service specified. Please see our FAQ for details.


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