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In Fiore Sauvetage Care Serum Concentré


This profoundly soothing and replenishing serum harnesses the curative power of natural polymers and adaptogenic plants like Cordyceps to fight inflammation, and recover stressed or unbalanced skin. With an exceptionally high antioxidant profile, Sauvetage Care Serum utilizes the hydrating powers of freshwater blue-green alga that grows only in the pure spring water area of Kyushu island in Japan. This natural polymer, capable of retaining more moisture than hyaluronic acid, envelops the surface layer of the skin to recover barrier function. Sauvetage Care Serum can be used as a 10-day intensive protocol, a spot treatment, or an occasional serum to rebalance and restore the complexion.

  • Cordyceps Extract is a macrofungi recognized as one of the most famous cellular tonics in TCM used to energize the skin and restore balance and protect against oxidative-induced stress that leads to premature aging.
  • Gynostemma Leaf Extract contains more than 230 compounds, which assist the recovery process of UV damage, restore barrier function and firm the skin.
  • Angelica Root Extract, one of the most revered plants in Japanese Kanpo medicine, is a powerful skin detoxifier with strong anti-bacterial properties known for healing skin aggressions such as acne and irritations.
  • 99% Natural Ingredients