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In Fiore √Čnergisant Oriental Cream Concentr√©


This age-defying recovery cream fuses the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with sophisticated modern technology. Inspired by Eight Treasures Tea, an herbal elixir from ancient China, Énergisant employs “Active Energy Emulsion” technology to revive and firm skin using the anti-aging powers of Oriental botanical actives. A double encapsulation system creates a time-release effect, resulting in plumped, hydrated, radiant skin.

  • Hawthorn berry extract is a natural source of vitamin B3 (niacinamide), a potent cell-communicating ingredient that revives healthy skin tone and texture. It increases ceramide and free fatty acid levels to prevent skin from losing its water content.
  • Iris root extract, a revitalizing anti-aging ingredient rich in natural isoflavones, stimulates the skin to compensate for decreased metabolic activity due to aging.
  • A synergistic blend of Chinese Litchi seed, Osmanthus flower, and Jujuba fruit stimulate microcirculation and fortify the dermis by limiting the degradation of structural proteins, fighting against wrinkles, dryness, and tissue laxity.
  • 85% natural ingredients.