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Luzern Alpine Rose Glacial Serum Masque



Infused with precious Ruby Powder, stem cells from the treasured Alpine Rose, a proprietary peptide-ferment, and an abundance of moisture factors and nutrients, this unconventional nectar mask provides instant hydration and calm, leaving skin velvety soft, smooth, and luminous. 


Energizes and brightens leaving skin with a healthy glow.
Hydrates for an instantly supple and smooth complexion.
Calms, cools, and refines, improving skin texture, tone and radiance.

Ways to Use:

Apply thin layer with brush and leave on for 15-20 min. 
Refrigerate Glacial Masque to get greater soothing and firming.
Use after Micro-Exfoliating Cleanser or Au Vin Pads for a mini facial treatment.
Use a GuaSha stone or jade to apply for enhanced micro-circulation and absorption.

Ideal For: 

All skin types. Dry, Oily, Combination, and Sensitive. 

Includes Luzern mask brush | Vegetarian Formula