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Pregnancy Massage Series: 9 60 Minute Session ($1152)

Here the signature IO Massage is customized into an excellent maternity massage with props and pillows for relaxed comfort. This massage is also recommended for women in the months AFTER labor and delivery, especially after a C-section delivery and/or during breastfeeding. The In FIore essential oil body balms are a great upgrade for your massage, except for the Tangiers or Dayla balms which are contraindicated for pregnancy.Soothe your soon-to-be-here bundle of joy and breathe your way to relaxation. Pamper yourself with 9 60-minute IO prenatal massages customized to accommodate expecting needs and schedules. Nine, 60 Minute Session ($1440 separately, sold as package at $1152)

Suggested full program: 2 during 8th month, 4 during 9th month and rest as you see fit. 

It’s all in the details at IO: warm towels infused with essential oils, aromatic flowers float below the face cradle in massage, cool eye pads soaked in fresh cucumber water, refreshments and delectables in the lounge, bamboo swaying on the pristine redwood deck.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Available for use at IO Spa in San Francisco and Marin; non-refundable; cannot be used to purchase goods or services online at May not be used in spa on the same day of purchase, please allow 24 hours for your order to process. Gift Certificates and online orders are processed by hand, Monday - Friday. Orders placed Sunday - Thursday will be processed the following day. Orders placed Friday & Saturday will be processed the following Monday. Please note: This is a specially-priced service and not eligible for further discounting with codes. Please note: This is a specially-priced series and not eligible for further discounting with codes. Services are available to be scheduled any day of the week


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