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The Shop at IO

When International Orange first opened its doors on Fillmore Street in 2002, it was one of the first spas with a thoughtfully curated, natural beauty and lifestyle boutique in San Francisco. IO's early retail concept was a true original, designed with the intention to introduce clients to undiscovered surprises and up-and-coming niche brands. The criteria? Flawless craftsmanship and impeccable quality, to name a few. 17 years later, IO's curation process is guided by the same high standards, earning its place as the city's favorite indie beauty destination. And now with a second location at Marin Country Mart, guests can explore the Shop at IO on both sides of the bridge.  


An unwavering commitment to the safest, highest-performing skincare defines IO's reputable esthetics program, led by Esthetics and Retail Director, Jennifer Gallegos. While she's serious about individualized, results-driven skincare, IO is about much more than lotions, potions, and scrubs. Its roots are grounded in yoga.

We believe that mind, body, and spirit cannot be separated and that true wellness requires that each component be addressed. To offer truly efficacious skincare, we look past the surface and explore the client’s lifestyle, diet, allergies and even emotional state. Then, we come up with a complete strategy for addressing skin issues and looking and feeling great. ~Jennifer Gallegos

From core brands like In Fiore and Arcona, to emerging brands like, Josh Rosebrook Skin and HairVintner's Daughter, and Luzern, IO offers a curated collection that is broad enough for customization, yet tailored to meet IO's standards.