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Melissa's Picks for Winter Skin

International Orange Founder Melissa Ferst shares her favorite products for winter skin. As a busy mom, she requires a simple exfoliating and hydrating routine that keeps her radiant during the holiday craze and all winter long.

Melissa explains, "Winter is an important time to take a close look at our home skincare rituals and make some adjustments. Cold weather combined with indoor heating systems can dry out our skin and when it’s cold we tend to drink less water. I keep my daily homecare ritual simple with a gentle but effective cleanser and mild exfoliation to prepare my skin for the deep hydration I need and almost always find in a face oil. And I make sure to hydrate inside and out, drinking lots of water and herbal (and yes, some caffeinated) teas all day long."

What's on her list this year? Some long-time favorites such as her Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator and Luzern Micro Exfoliant as well as a new eye serum for the new In Fiore Japanese line

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International Orange
ENRICH a body lotion

Want to smell and feel like you just walked out of the spa? IO’s ENRICH body lotion achieves just that. Moisture-rich, it soaks right in. It’s a morning ritual for me.

In Fiore
Source D’Eclat

A new eye serum from In Fiore’s Japanese line. I absolutely love how easy this product is to use with its roller application. It is soothing, refreshing and awakens my tired eyes instantly.

Youth Serum

A protective Vitamin C serum is a must and I find myself going back to this one time and again. It’s an effective product at such a great price point.


I keep this product in my shower for a gentle, effective morning exfoliation and cleansing. It''s a great first step in a simple morning routine.

Exfoliating Instant Facial

I try to take a bath at least twice a week to get some relaxing me-time amidst the chaos of life, work and kids. This goop mask + bath salts + Netflix = Take me away!

Vintner’s Daughter
Active Botanical Serum

Gweny loves it, everyone loves it, I love it too. When I put this on every morning I feel like I got a face lift and make-up application all at once. Slam Dunk.

Active Serum

This is a staple in my medicine cabinet for those occasional breakouts. I also now use it as a spot treatment from my 12 year old son for those pesky pre-teen pimples.

Josh Rosebrook
Hydrating Accelerator

I think this will be on my picks list forever. A brilliant product that I use throughout the day and now give to all my friends. Bravo Josh!