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IO Mission

A Bridge to your Better Side

Offering curated holistic wellness in a simple yet thoughtful sanctuary, International Orange is an urban spa destination for personal transformation.

Core Values

Authentic + Practical
We strive to be true to ourselves, do right by others and do so in a way that is efficient, effective and honest.

Flexible + Balanced
We support life choices that are healthy and sustainable and seek to accommodate the special needs of our clients and team.

We seek to continuously improve ourselves and share that excellence with our clients to assist in their personal transformation.

Talented + Heartfelt
We believe we nurture our clients best with a team of expert caregivers who embody talent, skill and heart. We are committed to treating clients and team members with respect, honesty and fairness.

Simple + Beautiful
We believe in creating an environment where we inspire our clients with simple beauty. We are committed to continuously creating a space that unifies all aspects of a truly remarkable experience.