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Yoga Flash: Heart-Opening Fallen Triangle

February 03, 2016

Yoga Flash: Heart-Opening Fallen Triangle

It’s all about love this month, and in case you’ve forgotten, let us be the first to remind you of rule #1: Love begins within. When we nourish our body and nurture our spirit, we are practicing the divine art of self-love. Treat yourself like your own soulmate first, and you’ll begin to attract the love you seek.

One of the simplest ways to tap into your heart chakra and generate loving, positive vibes is with heart-opening asanas. A beautiful, expansive and invigorating asana is Fallen Triangle, or Rockstar pose. Moving into this asana is a dance in and of itself, and the full expression is beautiful, elegant athleticism, as demonstrated by IO yoga teacher, Erin Gilmore, pictured above.

Just a few of the love-affirming benefits of Fallen Triangle include:

  • Opens the heart and throat for better communication
  • Stretches chest and strengthens arms for better hugs and embraces
  • Opens hips for released fear and anxiety
  • Tones adductors of the thigh for improved physicality 

*Fallen triangle is not recommended for people with rotator cuff injuries or wrist injuries; including carpal tunnel syndrome.