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‘Tis the Season for Masks

October 09, 2019

‘Tis the Season for Masks

It’s October and everywhere we look it’s all about Halloween. And for many of us, it is also the unofficial milestone at the end of Summer and Fall, leading to the mad rush of Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays.

In honor of the ubiquitous Halloween decorations, we at IO can’t pass up the opportunity to write about masks. But for us, the masks we love aren’t the ones that cover you up for a spooky costume. Instead, we celebrate the ones that can restore and rejuvenate your skin, in spa and at home.

In spa, our facials almost always include our custom mask treatments. From our deep-cleaning and nourishing treatments of the IO Signature Facial to the double whammy of exfoliation and powerful antioxidant delivery in our Power Peel, the masks we customize always bring a glow to the treatment.

“I love how use targeted masks as part of our custom treatments” says Jennifer Gallegos, Esthetics Manager of IO. “It allows us to deliver precisely what the client’s skin requires in a truly pampering way. We then can discuss with our client the best masks and treatments they can use at home to maintain the beautiful glow from their facial until we get to see them again.”

And what do we like to suggest for your home routine?

  • You’re never too busy. Apply a home mask while your bath is filling, or shower is warming up. At the end of the bath or shower, gently remove. Or apply an overnight mask like the Luzern Hydra Enzyme. Voila. Multitasking accomplished.
  • Cleansing. Nothing is more basic – or important – than keeping the skin clean. A clean palette onto which you can place a nourishing mask.
  • Don’t forget your neck and chest. Extend your mask and routine beyond your face, your favorite v-neck sweater will thank you.
  • The right mask for the right job. Not just any mask will do. Consider what your skin is craving. Deep cleansing? Exfoliation? Hydration? Clearing?
  • Not every mask is created equal. It can be tempting to grab that $2 mask you see in the bin at the drugstore, but PLEASE take the time to look at the ingredients. Parabens? Coloring? Phthalates? Triclosan? Sodium Laurel Sulfate? Propylene Glycol? Formaldehyde? Those are all STOP signs for us. One of the reasons we love masks is that they get deeper into the skin, maximizing absorption. We’re pretty sure you don’t want those chemicals in your body.
  • Post-mask routine is important. End your mask with a serum and moisturizer or a luxurious oil to lock in the nutrients.

What do we love from the IO Webstore? We take a great deal of time and experience to curate what we carry in our store, so you’ll know that we recommend what we consider to be the best. Some of our favorites: