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The Winter Trinity for Glowing Skin – Part 3

February 17, 2019

The Winter Trinity for Glowing Skin – Part 3

In this final installment of three winter skin strategies, we tackle an assessment of your skin care routine. And it’s more than just your face and neck – you’ll want even your toes to glow!  

In December, Founder Melissa shared her top picks for winter skin care (see her blog). But this month, we want to go a little deeper. From cleansing to serums and balms, there are small adjustments to your skin care routine that can pack a glowing punch all season long.

  • Don’t forget your neck and chest. Extend every product, from cleansing to moisture and sun protection from your face to your neck and chest. -- start fresh with the IO décolleté add-on to a facial --
  • Always start with a cleanser that doesn’t dry the skin. The important word for cleansers is HYDRATE. There are many non-soap cleaners that get your skin squeaky-clean without compromising its protective barrier. -- IO favorites --
  • Exfoliate regularly. Removing dead skin cells is the number one way to allow moisture and regeneration to occur. So from your toes to your nose, refresh your skin regularly.  For your body? Consider adding a body brush to your routine!  -- IO favorites --
  • Be a masked bandit!  Masking is the best way to allow for those rejuvenating ingredients to soak in. So whether you are doing it at home or coming into IO for a nourishing facial, find your perfect mask, put it on and take the time to relax while it soaks in.  -- IO favorites --
  • Moisturize… Moisturize … Moisturize. ‘Nuf said?  -- IO favorites --
  • Serums pack a punch. Whether restoring skin cells, promoting collagen formation, or kicking out free radicals, a few drops of serum in your winter routine can make an enormous impact. -- IO favorites --
  • Lip balm to keep your pucker plump. Chapped lips can be a fact of life in winter, but regularly applying a hydrating balm helps you stay ahead of the dryness. -- IO favorites --
  • Schedule a skin “check up.” Just like any other part of your health, a check-up keeps you on track with the ever-changing needs of your skin. -- Get a fresh start with an Enzyme Boost, Organic Detox or our always-favorite IO Signature Facial --

From your head to the tips of your toes, inside and out, you’ll see what a huge difference small changes can make for your skin. If you follow the “trinity approach” of nutrition, bodywork and skincare, you’ll feel great and hopefully glow all winter long into a glorious Spring.