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The Winter Trinity for Glowing Skin – Part 2

February 01, 2019

The Winter Trinity for Glowing Skin – Part 2

In this second of three winter skin strategies, we tackle an often-overlooked component: body work and massage therapy.

While massage therapy is important for relieving certain stresses, muscle aches, nerve pain, and general relaxation throughout the year, stepping up your routine in the winter months will help you achieve healthier, younger skin during the driest of months. Increased blood flow takes the top spot as one of the most important results of body work. Loosening of muscles and other soft tissues allows your blood to make its way to the skin easier, resulting in a healthy glow as capillaries fill with blood, allowing nutrients to nourish skin cells more efficiently.

A bonus result of the friction of massage? Wonderful body exfoliation. Dead cells are removed during the massage, improving the skin’s texture, allowing moisture to penetrate the skin, and creating a new cycle of your skin regenerating new cells.

Massage also allows your skin to absorb the nutrients from oils more easily, providing dewy moisture from head to toe. And let’s face it, stress wreaks havoc on the skin. Massage helps fight the stress that’s making your skin feel (and look) run down.

Consider how self-massage can become part of your daily routine. After your shower or bath, take those extra few moments to rub your muscles and tissue as you moisturize your skin. And that goes for your face too! Serums and oils can be the perfect medium for a pampering self-massage.

At IO, we love our Signature Massage for how it tones and relaxes, and for extra depth, the Deep Tissue Massage. And let’s not forget the In Fiore Body Balms that can be added to any massage you choose.  Made with a base of grape seed and jojoba seed oil and Founder, Julie Elliott’s, brilliant essential oil blends, the addition of these balms makes for a HEAVENLY and moisturizing massage.

Next up? Our final installment on getting your glow with a thorough review of your skin care routine!