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The Winter Trinity for Glowing Skin – Part 1

January 21, 2019

The Winter Trinity for Glowing Skin – Part 1

Wintertime. If you’re like us, just the word conjures up the sense of dryness, dehydration and dullness. But it’s time to rethink your routine and maintain – or bring back – your glow. Making winter adjustments to your nutrition, body work and skin care routines are just the trick to glowing skin (and of course the pampering might help banish winter blues!). In this three-part blog, we break down three strategies that will make a huge impact on your skin (and mental) health this season.

Vitamin deficiencies in your diet often manifest on your skin, so it stands to reason that vitamins play a vital role in your skin health. Important year-around, they can be even more important for nourishment in the winter months.

Vitamin D, otherwise known as the “sunshine vitamin,” can be lacking during winter months and your skin can have a harder time fighting infections and healing. Consider replacing the winter sun’s vitamin D with more mushrooms, fish and eggs in your diet.

Vitamin K is the superhero of circulation. Dark circles? Capillaries? Tackle from the inside out by bringing more vitamin K into your diet! Drink milk and enjoy more kale, edamame and asparagus.

Vitamin E is the oil-soluble nutrient that works beautifully with other vitamins (such as A) and brings out the skin’s glow like none other. Nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables such as greens and broccoli are powerhouse resources for this wonderful nutrient.

Vitamin C is your overall health vitamin and is found is citrus, bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli and many of your greens. Why is it important for your skin? First, it’s an antioxidant and does a great job protecting your skin from damage by free radicals. And -boom- it helps create collagen, helping keep you skin firm and plump.

Vitamin Bs are the family of nutrients that work the whole body – assisting in maintaining hydration and circulation as well has helping your brain, metabolic and nervous systems operate at their best. Where to find them in your diet? Whole grains, meats, eggs, legumes, seeds and nuts, as well as your fruits and vegetables.

Drink your water! Lack of hydration makes skin look dry, flakey and dull. Always keep your water bottle handy and make it your number one habit.

Topical Vitamin Serums are also a wonderful way to pamper your skin as well and add nutrients on the outside and protective barriers. Some of our favorites? Arcona Advance “A” Serum, iS CLINICAL Pro-Heal Serum Advance+, and In Fiore Complexe De Fleur.

Your takeaway? Your skin is a complex organ. Good nutrition shows in your skin, so check off those boxes each day as you’re getting the nutrients you need. At International Orange, we’re not nutritionists, but we do know great skin when we see it, and love to share our ideas on how to achieve it. A balanced diet year-around is important, and even more so when you skin is stressed. Dive into your fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Adding them to your diet will help your body do everything from improve circulation, create collagen, battle free radicals, battle circulatory issues, and even help your skin retain moisture.

Next blog? Let’s talk about your skin and body work...