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The importance of sleep for your skin

July 01, 2015

The importance of sleep for your skin

The importance of sleep – quality and quantity – is something we’ve been talking a lot about at our San Francisco spa lately.

We’ve been discussing the topic with our clients and amongst ourselves as one’s skin heath and wellness is affected by the quality and duration of sleep we receive each night.

So much of what is talked about is the length of sleep, or how many hours a night, we should be getting: 8-9 hours for most adults. However, it’s not just the length of sleep that matters, but the quality of sleep. For instance, frequent interruptions (those with sleep apnea suffer from this) is just as debilitating as no sleep at all.

The effects of good quality sleep on one’s wellbeing are immense. The mind and body benefits are evident, however theskin’s countenance is the 1st visible sign that you are sleeping WELL.

For instance, sleep relaxes the facial muscles, allowing your face, facial lines and wrinkles to relax. Your skin will appear more relaxed, healthier and younger with a good quality night’s sleep.

Being horizontal also has its anti-gravity benefits, where gravity isn’t pulling down on you. The lack of facial expressions at night allows the dermal layers of your skin to rejuvenate. (This is why we often put on our more active skin care serums at night).

Take a moment to think about the quality of sleep you are getting. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll start using less of your eye cream and more sunscreen?

No wonder why they call it beauty rest.