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Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

July 03, 2018

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

Summertime is well underway, and we at IO are fielding the seasonal questions from clients about sunscreen usage, summer skin care, antioxidants, and travel-friendly regimens! Whether you are headed for a quick getaway or the extended [and coveted] summer vacation, we’ve got great ideas for you. And check out these summer favorite products for sun care + travel.

Diving right in--let's first discuss the free radicals that are wreaking havoc on our skin on a cellular level, and how, through use of key antioxidants we can combat their damage to our skin.

What are free radicals and do I have them?

Honey, you do. We ALL do.  They slip into our systems and start their damaging wrath immediately. All it takes is the slightest amount of forgetfulness or neglect, lack of care, or overexposure to the elements for them to take up residence.

Why do they damage, and what do you do? Well…. The explanation and answers are brought to us by science (electrons, to be specific).

Free radicals are atoms that are missing an electron so they scavenge the body to seek out another electron so they can be complete. Their journey to finding an electron – or oxidation – damages cells, proteins and even DNA. Antioxidants prohibit and even prevent that oxidation (damage) in our body on a cellular level… and that’s why we start there with our summer skin care.

You can never have too many antioxidants. While beneficial in any step of a skincare routine, serums deliver the best punch, allowing for easy application and ready absorption. We love the antioxidant Vitamin C because of studies that have shown and proven its effectiveness in the skin. Especially a form of Vitamin C known as L-Ascorbic Acid, which is the primary type found in many of the Vitamin C serums available at IO. Regular, topical application makes a world of difference! 

I want to wear SPF, but I also want to get enough Vitamin D. What do I do?

Great news for your skin (and you). It takes very little sunlight to synthesize Vitamin D in the body – as little as 5 to 15 minutes just a few times a week. And that exposure can be anywhere on your body. But if you are particularly vulnerable to Vitamin D deficiency, or concerned about not getting enough, why not talk to your doctor about appropriate food choices or an oral supplement?

Take the time to protect your skin with an appropriate SPF all day long. We would love to recommend the perfect one for your skin. (And don’t forget sunscreen on the backs of your hands!)

I have packing paralysis! What to I pack this summer to keep my sun care routine easy and effective?

After you pack the key accessories (sunglasses, big hats, flowy cover ups), grab your favorite SPF, a tinted SPF to even out your complexion, and an antioxidant therapy for that extra layer of defense. As long as you have that list covered along with your favorite cleanser and moisturizer, you should be *golden*. Of course, if you wish to pack your entire routine--we're not going to stop you.

Consider the climate to which you are traveling… If a drier, desert climate awaits, throw in some flat packaged hydrating sheet masks (We LOVE the Orgaid brand for this purpose--a travel must!). If heading to a more humid destination, consider a spray mist filled with antioxidants and aloe to keep the skin cool and fresh feeling (Josh Rosebrooks Hydrating Accelerator comes in a purse/backpack friendly travel size!).  If your travels are simply to your backyard (or someone else’s) for the chilling, swimming and R&R, then just keep that reapplication SPF and maybe a little bug spray handy.

And whenever given the chance – enjoy a shady spot!

The most important summer message we can share with you is to enjoy a healthy relationship with the sun. We love it warming our skin and doing its magic… but at the same time arm yourself against it reasonably and responsibly.

To all of our clients and community--HAVE A GREAT SUMMER.

Alicia M, IO Esthetician  + Summer Skin Goddess

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