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Oxygen Boosting Your Skin

April 09, 2019

Oxygen Boosting Your Skin

Piloted in IO Marin, the IO Luzern Oxygen Facial turns up the dial on oxygen delivery to your skin. And now it’s available to our clients in San Francisco!

In the perfect partnership, IO brings the power of the Luzern oxygenation and hydration to this 75-minute specialty treatment. Whether you’re already a cult-like follower of the Luzern luxury brand or looking for a facial that achieves supple, dewy and bright skin, it’s all about the oxygen.

Luzern took the skincare industry by storm with their oxygen-infused products in 1999, and their Force De Vie (Life Force) hydrators live up to their name. Force De Vie restores the life force of the skin by boosting oxygen uptake. Sure, we all know that oxygen is necessary for this thing called living, but we usually don’t think of it as something we are able to add topically. Apart from the outermost layer, skin mostly receives its oxygen from the inside. As we get older, our skin’s ability to absorb and hold oxygen decreases. Processes known to give us that vibrant glow (i.e. collagen production and cell turnover) slow way, way down. Luzern products combat that aging, however, by reintroducing stable oxygen to the skin. Once that oxygen is able to once again reach the deep layers of skin, a restorative chain reaction begins, repair and regeneration recommence, and the result is a healthy new complexion.

Luzern accomplishes this amazing feat with the help of Biodyne TRF (tissue respiratory factor), a star ingredient in Force De Vie and the IO Oxygen Infusion Treatment. Using fermented yeast cells with a knack for increasing cell metabolism, Biodyne stimulates cell renewal and collagen production. Because the formula is encapsulated by liposomes, Biodyne penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin. This also means that other vital nutrients come along for the ride. Not only is it supremely hydrating, but it also improves the integrity, structure and overall health of the skin. Frequent use increases the cell’s metabolism, and skin looks healthy and nourished from the inside out.

IO dials up that oxygen-delivering technology to a whole new level with the IO Luzern Oxygen Facial. This facial incorporates the power of high pressure medical-grade oxygen to deliver Biodyne, antioxidants, minerals, peptides and a customized blend of vital nutrients. The results? Nothing less than fantastic. Skin is supple, dewy and bright, and your face will feel hydrated like never before.

This is a treatment for anyone, anytime, but is especially perfect before an special event, pre/post air-travel, or a reset in your routine. No down time, no side effects.

Talk to your IO esthetician today, on either side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Your skin will thank you!

Natalie B is an IO Esthetician based in the San Francisco Spa. Known for her expertise in problem skin, she blends her clinical expertise with a luscious spa experience.