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Memberships and Wellness Stories

September 16, 2019

Memberships and Wellness Stories

Throughout the year we talk about WELLNESS AT IO,  but this month we focus on the often-elusive MAKING TIME FOR REGULAR WELLNESS. We are featuring stories about the importance of making massages and facials a regular part of your wellness routine.

This week, we spoke with Lynda R., a long-time client of our monthly membership program (12 years!) and asked her about the program, why she likes it, and her favorite tips!

Lynda, how long have you been in the IO Membership Program?
I originally started as a yoga student in the San Francisco spa. After spending so much time in the beautiful space, I added the monthly massage in 2007. Shortly after that I added facials. I have been hooked on the IO experience ever since!

What attracted you to becoming a member… and keeps you a member?
The beauty and coolness of the space, the amazing practitioners, the company philosophy on wellness and the wonderful product lines. I am a long-time member because IO meets my expectations month over month, year over year.

Do you feel like it encourages you to take better care of yourself or think more often in terms of your wellness?
Yes! I have never missed a treatment! I think my skin looks fantastic because of IO esthetician’s magic and knowledge of healthful skincare and product formulations; and the skin care lines are heavenly!  Also, the massage therapists are deeply skilled, keeping my body as open and as nourished as it can be.

Do you always go to the same esthetician or therapist? Or do you go to a variety?
Sort of both. I’ve been with IO for so long, that I’ve experienced many of the massage therapists and estheticians. I am always impressed with how knowledgeable and skilled everyone is. I get to experience so many great people, but when I do start to get in a groove with someone, I love to be consistent with that one person since they really get to know me.

Are there products from IO that you use between facials that you love?
Oh yes! I LOVE In Fiore. The fragrances are divine and effective for keeping my skin hydrated and healthy. I also mix into my routine the Luzern Pure Cleansing Gelee in the morning and Luzern Nuit Retinol Creme Luxe at night.  Serums, too, are important to me, so I use iS Clinical serums day and night. Thanks to IO, I’ve really been able to explore effective products and learned the true importance of pure ingredients.

What's your favorite facial style? How about massage style?
I love the Custom Enzyme Facial. IO does an amazing job of making the treatment so aromatic and decadent – all with the focus on delivering long-term skin beauty and health. And, they are good for the planet!

As for massage, Deep Tissue please - the deeper the better!

Are there any other perqs of the membership or aspects of the spa that you enjoy because of your membership?
I love feeling special and getting access to IO’s expertise and pure and healthy products, but I also love getting membership pricing + rewards on all products and retail. Being a member makes me feel special and everything that is included in the IO membership makes it work so well for me.

An enormous thank you to Lynda for sharing her time with us!

Lynda has the TRANSFORM level of membership at IO. She enjoys a 60 Minute Massage, a 75 Minute Facial, savings on facial waxing, Loyalty Rewards and can even bring a guest with her at a discount. To learn more about this, and our other membership packages, please click here.