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Nourishing (and Protecting) Your Summer Skin

June 24, 2019

Nourishing (and Protecting) Your Summer Skin

As we dive into summer, we like to consider how our summer skin routines adjust to the climate and changes the season brings. In this blog, we chat with Melissa Ferst, founder of International Orange about her favorite products and hints for summertime.

Melissa, as you prepare for summer, do you make any changes to your skincare routine?

I love summer because it tends to be good to my skin. I have a mild case of psoriasis, and the sun helps clear it up. Getting some sun in moderation in conjunction with skin protection (especially on my face) gives me the vitamin D my body needs, as well as the glow I love.  I use the regenerating Luzern Nuit Retinol Cream Intensive, so I am particularly careful in the sun.  I protect my skin with layers of a Vitamin C serum, moisturizer and then sunscreen, put on a hat, and I’m good to go. iS Clinical Pro-heal and a tinted Suntegrity All-In-One Sunscreen are must-haves for me.

Do you use the same products and techniques head-to-toe?

I always extend my exfoliator (Luzern Micro Exfoliant) as well as my face moisturizer to my chest area, which gets a lot of extra sun from my kids’ games.  In the summer I use a body scrub a few times a week and a foot pumice for my flip-flop tortured feet.  Even though it’s hot outside, I try to take a bath at least once a week.  I soak in the bath and add a half a cup of Clorox bleach (yes bleach!).  This helps calm my psoriasis as well as eliminate environmental pollutants such as chemicals and metallics.  I then moisturize my skin with IO Enrich Lotion or a yummy In Fiore Body Balm (my favorite for summer is Tangiers) and treat my neck and chest to the iS Clinical NeckPerfect Complex at night.

You have a busy life with work and keeping up with young kids. Are there products that you like to share with your kids?

I always have the In Fiore Fleur Vibrante on hand for my kids if they get too much sun. I even put it on their mosquito bites and minor scratches.  That product can heal anything! I’ve also been grabbing the Arcona Raspberry Pads when my teenager’s skin needs a little TLC.

Living in the Bay Area, the beach is always a few minutes away. What do you keep in your beach bag?

I like to keep a “go bag” that I drop into my beach bag, sports bag, or bring in the car for road trips. A sand proof pouch or (even a zip lock bag!) makes it easy to keep track of so I’m not hunting around in the bottom of a sandy beach bag. In it? I keep Suntegrity SPF, Sun Bum (Mineral) sunscreen for the kids, In Fiore Fleur Vibrante, and I have multiple Hurraw! Sun Lip Balm SPF 15. I always love to keep a tube of the Arcona Nearly Invisible Dry Mineral Powder handy too for a quick “brush-up” on my skin.

The rest of my beach bag? I have plenty of room for my sun hat, small water bowl for my dog, blanket, lots of kids snacks, and my Swell water bottle.

Bay Area also means that you're not sure what "burn" you'll be managing: Sun Burn, Wind Burn or Razor Burn! What do you recommend?

As I mentioned before, I love In Fiore Fleur Vibrante for the whole family to recover from a burn – and it’s great for windburn too. I also like to have on hand the Arcona Desert Mist to seal against wind and cool down hot skin. A soothing balm for me too is the In Fiore In Fiore Bikini Balm for my sensitive skin in areas that don’t see the sun quite as often!

When you find yourself on the road and you forgot your favorites, what do you look for when purchasing a drug store sunscreen in a pinch? 

We inevitably find ourselves forgetting something on our family adventures… and if it’s sun protection I make sure to pick up a mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide so I can avoid any potentially harmful chemicals. Sun Bum, Coolio or Neutrogena are good brands that have numerous options with and without moisturizers, for body and face.

Anything new out there that you’re trying this summer?

Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence released last month! I’ve been a huge fan of their Active Botanical Serum for years, and I’m enjoying adding their new product to my routine. I already feel a strengthening and brightening to my skin, and the Essence absorbs beautifully as the perfect start to many of my other favorite products.

I’ve discovered that the key to having great skin all year around is to consistently make small adjustments based on the weather and my activities. Nourishment and moisture are key, and when I pair them with the right sun protection, tinted or otherwise, I can enjoy the summer days even more.