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Inner Peace, Outer Beauty

November 06, 2015

Inner Peace, Outer Beauty

When the clocks turn back, the days grow shorter, the air cools, and it signals to our bodies that it's time to slow down. Allowing this natural rhythm is essential, and a part of practicing self-care. Not only do our sleep patterns adapt to match the rise and setting of the sun, but our skin undergoes changes in response to the cooler, often drier air.  This is a perfect time to amp up your at home regime and take the time to perfect your ritual to keep your body healthy and your skin gorgeous.

Tip #1: Move your body, massage your skin  

Although we like to cozy up in the winter, the extra time spent inside and lack of exercise can lead to a decrease in energy and stagnation in the skin.  Find time during the warmest hours of the day to get outside and take a brisk walk. If that's not possible, begin each day with a 20 minute at-home yoga routine. The extra stretching and movement will boost energy and immunity. And don't forget about to move your largest organ: your skin. Massage increases blood flow and cellular oxygenation encouraging the healing process, riding dull complexions and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. We encourage doing facial massage at home with your favorite night oil or cream. A good way to start is with a simple tapping or piano fingers on the skin. This helps penetrate products deeper and promotes circulation in the skin. 

Tip #2: Indulge your senses, not your sweet tooth

The holidays can be a time of over-indulgence. We think that's a good thing, depending on which senses we're indulding. Take a trip to the Farmers' Market and leisurly stroll through the tents to see, smell and taste the abundance of organic veggies, cheeses, meats and other foods that are carefully curated by conscious farmers. Enjoy the sunshine, the crisp air, the community and the samples of delicious food, allowing the environment to inspire your next meal. Remember, it's the season to slow down and celebrate. Giving ourselves permission to do this will bring greater joy, boosting our sense of wellbeing. Indulge in a new self-care ritual with rich, nourishing products perfect for winter skin. Below are our suggestions:

Cleanse: In Fiore Treate Gentle Cleansing Emulsion is packed with aloe vera and bulgarian rose water to soothe chapped winter skin. This floral cleansing milk is a perfect pair for all those snow bunnies out there. Pair with Lustra Illuminating Cleansing Essence for a decadent double cleanse. 

Tone: Arcona Cranberry Toner - Hydrate and tone chocked full of essential fatty acids, rice milk and cranberry extracts. People will often leave out toner in the winter but it is still an essential part of keeping the skin in balance. This toner will leave you skin refreshed not stripped.

Scrub: Arcona Brightening Gommage -This invigorating dual-action brightening exfoliant will fast forward you straight into the holiday season. This blend of L-asorbic acid, cranberry, blueberry, and skin-lightening daisy extracts will energize the skin and the spirit.

AM Treatment Serum: Arcona Instant Magic Reversal - This super serum helps prevent premature aging due to water loss which can happen when were spending so much time inside with the heater on. It binds water to the skin and helps keep it there. It also helps boost the skin with antioxidants and brighten from any lingering sun spots that may have stuck around from the summer months.

Moisturizer: I.S Clinical Moisturizing Complex - This lightweight but deeply hydrating moisturizer helps protect the skin and deliver water hydration with hyaluronic acid. Fortified with soluble collagen, vitamins A and E it will counteract dehydrated fine lines and prep skin for holiday make up.

Mask: Arcona Wine Hydrating Mask - Rich nourishing mask with borage, macadamia, carrot and black current oils. Will leave the skin revived and supple. Can be used 2-3 times a week or as needed.

Eye cream: In Fiore Vis Clair - Illuminating ancient gold remedies of calendula, carrot seed and roman chamomile will help bring light into the eyes while green coffee bean stimulates blood flow to reduce puffiness to keep you looking tireless when you have yet another holiday party to keep up with.

For more product recommendations, visit our Holiday Skin Store.

Tip #3: Feel good, do good

We truly believe that peace on earth begins within. Create a daily ritual of awareness and gratitude. Find a quiet moment to be still, close your eyes and breathe slowly, even if only for a few minutes. This precious time is the present moment, and it's all there really is. Then, find a way to bring that peace out into the world. It's the simple things - like smiling at strangers, helping someone with their groceries, volunteering your time and energy to a worthy cause - that add up to be a rich and rewarding day. And the added benefit? Gratitude looks good on everybody.