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Décolleté Exposé

April 22, 2019

Décolleté Exposé

Décolleté; a beautiful French word can be translated to mean “wearing a low neck dress.” This refers to the upper chest area and includes the neck, clavicle, cleavage and front of the shoulders. As a little girl spending summers in France, I remember my aunties and grandma lubricating this area thoroughly with sweet smelling oils before heading out to bask in the sun. A taut, firm lusciously glowing décolleté was coveted by them as a sign of health and youth.

In the West, I’ve witnessed many women neglecting this area, as well as the ultra delicate lip area, until the visible damage is undeniable. These vulnerable and forgotten spots, on women in particular, often get the least attention and are susceptible to severe tissue degeneration and overall damage. The structure of the skin in these areas is by nature, thinner, with less density and resilience and there are significantly fewer sebaceous (oil) glands to offer their reparative and protective barrier functions.

We’ve all seen the women who’ve spent one too many summers exposing this very delicate skin to the elements, resulting in a noticeable demarcation between smooth, even, tight facial skin and the saggy, wrinkled, dry and hyper-pigmented neck and chest. All hope is not lost though.... you can start taking better care of these neglected areas with just a few simple steps and reap the benefits right away!

A shift in mindset to begin thinking of neck and décolleté as part of your facial care routine is very helpful. Once you frame them together, it's then natural to give these areas the same care as you would your face. This delicate area will benefit greatly from daily gentle care, so begin by including them in your cleansing and toning routine morning and night. Antioxidant Vitamin C serums, moisturizer and *SPF* during the day will ensure that the area is supported and protected against the elements. iS Clinical Super Serum, Luzern Force De Vie Creme Luxe and Suntegrity Sunscreens are some of my favorites.

Extending your active nighttime treatment down your neck onto your chest is a great way to repair and restore while you sleep. Ingredients like fruit enzymes and plant derived alpha hydroxy acids can offer gentle exfoliation and encourage new cell proliferation... just be mindful not to apply harsh exfoliants or chemical based products to this delicate zone as they can damage the skin even further. Luzern Hydra Masque Nuit is the perfect option. I’m also a huge fan of anointing myself with high quality, plant-based oils and balms and the décolleté is no exception. Spending a few moments at night to create a skincare ritual and extending that intention to your neck, chest and breast area not only feels incredibly decadent but signals to the body to relax and chill out. Including some self massage with the In Fiore Décolleté Balm is a beautiful way to end the day and drop into that “rest and digest” nervous system function.

A gentle cleanse of the face, lips, neck and chest with a soft touch followed by a wipe of Micellar Water to remove pollution, buildup and to prepare the skin for optimal absorption begins my ritual. A couple of pumps of Luzern Firming Collagen Serum containing stem cells and peptides to assist in “building” skin density follows. Some light tapping to aid in absorption and increase microcirculation is next, preparing the skin for the last and most restorative step. A high-density, nutrient-rich oil like Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is applied to the face and neck and the nourishing In Fiore Décolleté Balm to the chest. 3-5 minutes of self massage is all it takes to stimulate, relax and pamper your beautiful skin. I save the chest for last and use an extra gentle touch, being mindful not to tug or pull at the breast tissue. The aroma therapeutic essential oils open and bloom with massage so make sure to fully inhale and exhale as you treat yourself. Dabbing on a bit of In Fiore Velotee Complex to my lips makes my ritual complete.

Even if it is only a few times a week, this a small investment of time will yield results and begin to restore these delicate areas back to health and radiance. And make sure to add on our Décolleté treatment when you come in for your next IO facial. We will extend our meticulous care to your chest, taking you one step closer to a firm, beautiful décolleté.