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Body + Sol

July 07, 2016

Body + Sol

The goal of every sun goddess is to bronze, not burn, during the bright days of summer. And of course, we hope that our sun worship doesn’t leave any lasting marks on our skin. Will a safe non-nano zinc oxide SPF do the trick? It’s definitely a start, but skin experts at International Orange say it’s not enough, especially as the sun’s rays are striking hotter these days. 

According to IO’s expert esthetician, Eleanor Bagley, antioxidants are the key to repairing, reversing and protecting the skin. 

Think of them as your pre-sunscreen, your first layer of protection against environmental damage. Antioxidants protect the skin by reducing the amount of free radicals produced within the cells.

Even while we are wearing sunscreen, 3-4% of sun damage still occurs, so it’s important to have the extra protection of antioxidants working hard for you under a layer of zinc oxide. And, never forget your hat. Averting direct sun exposure with a little shade is a daily best practice, rain or shine.  

Antioxidants help a plethora of other skin issues, too, like inflammation, uneven skin tone and fine lines and wrinkles, sure signs of pre-mature aging. Make sure to always re-apply sunscreen throughout the day.

A few of El’s favorites include Arcona’s Nearly Invisible Spa 30 Powder. “It is a great fuss free way to re-apply," she says. Post sun care is important as well. Applying a nourishing solution like In Fiore’s Comfrey Solution Botanique will help soothe and promote tissue renewal, it can be used as a treatment if you do get sunburned. 

Of course, never neglect your body. Prevent the loose, crepey skin around the neck and decollete with Suntegrity’s Sunscreen for Body - SPF 30, a yummy-smelling, easy-to-absorb lotion containing 20% non-nano, uncoated zinc-oxide for therapeutic broad-spectrum protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.