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5 Self Loving Intentions for 2016

January 07, 2016

5 Self Loving Intentions for 2016

We’re not really into new year's resolutions around here. They feel a bit too much like punishment. But we are into powerful intention setting, and January is a terrific month to reflect and declare your intentions for the new year ahead. If you’re like us, you are personally motivated to continue on your path of self awareness, while also having fun. You’re committed to health, and you know that means balance, playfulness and self-love. You are passionate about community, and you also cherish alone time. You’re awake, and you’re looking to expand in all areas of your life. 

So before the weeks melt into months, and you’re half way through the year, we invite you to set a few positive, fun and self-loving new year's intentions that you can practice every day, starting now. 

Recommit to reconnect
The holidays are stressful, period. Whether its good stress (parties, travel, presents!) or the kind that just stresses you out (house guests, dinners-gone-bad, ‘Elf on the Shelf’ drama), by the time January rolls in, we’re all ready to let out a big sigh. One thing we almost all forget about during the holiday madness is ourselves. Our health. Our balance. So, before you do anything, set a loving intention to give yourself a break, and get thee to a spa! Even better, commit to a 6 month membership to receive a monthly massage, facial, private yoga, or all three. Make this “me time” a no-guilt non-negotiable. You. Deserve. It. 

Gently detoxify 
Winter skin has its perks. Generally the darker freckles fade in the winter, giving a more moon-like, porcelain appearance. But, that’s only if you stay indoors all season. Most of us are red-nosed, pink-cheeked and chapped, a side effect of enjoying life in the great outdoors. It’s worth it! But, now it’s time to detoxify, slough off the dryness and rejuvenate winter-wrecked skin. Our New Year’s Capsule Collection carries everything you need to get your skin spring-ready, STAT, and start a new 2016 beauty ritual that you can practice all year long. We suggest you begin with In Fiore’s 4-2-4 Cleansing Ritual as a daily base, and then find the treatment and moisturizing products that are right for your skin each season. Need answers? Our resident product expert and esthetician, Eleanor Bagley, is always on call to help guide you through skincare conundrums. 

Practice silence
When our minds are calm and clear, when we’ve detached and can observe the ebb and flow of our emotions, we are able to make better decisions. This is the simple truth found through meditation. It can also lead to increased energy, a boost in creativity and enlightenment. But, we don’t want to oversell it. Invite more mindfulness into your life through private yoga and meditation practice. It won’t just benefit you. It will benefit everyone around you. It is truly the gift that keeps giving. 

Green your routine
We’re not preaching about vegetables. Greening your routine is about conscious consumerism. Making a mindful choice to buy sustainable, local, organic, non-toxic or otherwise “safe” products that are good for you, your family, and the planet. We hear so much about this, but still…products and labeling can be sneaky. Take some time to do a cabinet and pantry detox. Read labels. Look up ingredients you don’t know. Ask your favorite esthetician/massage therapist/acupuncturist/yoga teacher/naturopath to educate you on products/ingredients/natural remedies. Trust us on this. When you toss the toxins, you’ll feel reborn. 

Create community
There’s little else in life as comforting as a close community. Perhaps its your nuclear family, perhaps it’s your tribe of friends. Maybe it’s your nextdoor neighbor, or your new neighborhood. We live so close, and yet somehow we stay at arms length most of the time. Set an intention to reach out, make contact, share food and tea. Enjoy a laugh, a beer, a hug. Create bonds. And if you’re in our neighborhood, come say hi. We’re moving in across the bridge at Marin Country Mart in March. We’ll be the new kids on the block, and we want to meet some friendly faces, make new friends, and create a community of wellth. 

Happy 2016, friends.